How to be a badass single mum and stay winning.

Just to make you aware that It was never in my plans of life to become a single parent. Life handed me a lemon and I don't even like lemons.  I have been a single mother to my 3 lovely children for slightly over 10 years now.  I have made some astounding mistakes, punched my …

I am Celibate with a small chance of cheekiness.

I have talked very openly about my celibacy as a huge drive in my spiritual growth and even left myself vulnerable to self-righteous religious folks to criticise and devour every time I acted normal . And oh! What's normal? Erm... you know like a little cheeky adult jokes or even thinking that Dev Patel is …

Why single parents must pray for their children.

Last Sunday I shared a video on my YouTube channel talking about why I pray for my children a lot more than an average mother and of course urging other single mamas to pray more for their children. My video will tell you more but I will explain to you here why I felt the …

My Spiritual level up: the Daniel fast.

So I am definitely and unashamedly feeling my spiritual self. By this time last year, I was having sex outside marriage, prayed very little and completely put Yahweh at the back burner of my life. To the glory of God, I have literally gone from a clueless Christian to one who is totally hungry for …

Black women, weaves and lack of exercise. Count me out bruv!

Having hated wearing wigs and weaves and always dreaded running or going to the gym due to sweatiness and of course that awful itchiness of the scalp that follows, I am chuffed with my fresh cut. I feel free, sexy, youthful and there's also a sudden surge of energy and vibrancy in my spirit, it's …

I didn’t know that I was hungry till I tasted you!

Hi everyone! Did you miss me?  (Oh please say yes) I am totally excited to be back here. Actually another blogger I met in my church reminded me of how much I have missed this beautiful community. It's been so long since I disappeared from the scene to focus on mending few leaking roofs of …

The Attitude of Success

Great article:-)


Very few things, perhaps nothing, will have more impact on your opportunity for success than your attitude.

There are many many things in life we cannot control. So many people that we cannot control either. Sometimes it just seems as if we have no control over life at all. But that is absolutely untrue. We have complete control over one of life’s greatest assets…. our attitude.

While we cannot control the events or people in our life we have total control over how we react to them. Total control. You have total, complete control over you attitude. It’s your choice and your choice alone. The only way you can lose that choice is to give it away.

Less successful people regularly give the choice of their attitude to the whims of events and the chances of life. They have, I’m sorry to say, a victim mentality that makes failure palatable…

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Aztec rocking!

My gorgeous daughter has just started writing her own blog. She is a one of few kids in their school who own blogs. I am super proud of her. I thinks this is great for kids to start developing their writing skills as early as possible. It’s definitely better than drowning in computer games . Check it out.


Fashion is one of the most important things to us girls and maybe a few boys. We all have different fashion interests. You might like dark and gloomy clothes or modern and bright (girly) clothes. I prefer bright colourful clothes. This summer I think Aztec is so rocking!!!

 I like Aztec because of the way it is multi-colored  and also the way it has so many different and creative  patterns  like zig zags up-down triangels.

This is my new school bag that I got from Accessorize it is so pretty and I love it! I cannot wait to show this awesome bag off at school.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for liking it!

Jada x

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Psoriasis and Eczema: Itching to tell you…

Stunning fashion model and actress Cara Delevingne isn't the only one slapping on a bit of make up on her gorgeous long legs this summer. I have done the same since my best friend from hell eczema decided to pay me a visit.  Cara Delevingne suffers from psoriasis; a skin condition which is similar to eczema.  Cara …