First step

Hurrah!!! I have finally conquered my fear of starting my own blog and putting what I think right out there,’ in your faces’ so to speak. The question that kept popping up was oi Jane! What the hell are you afraid of? The answer is unclear, nevertheless, I have now grabbed the ‘bull by the horns’ and you already know how opinionated I could be in the most possible polite way…so let’s go!

My ‘Here’s my lipstick’ is an odd title and may not go down well with the NHS infection control if I offered you my lippy right? Well…I’m letting you right into my circle, please hold my hand.

The last fewyears have been such a test to my strength as a human being, a mother, a wife and a daughter. With no intention of faffing about, I lost my marriage, and both my best friend and father passed away, all in a year! I thought yep, the world might as well end…What the heck…well no it didn’t, so I got my act together, mourned my father, my best friend and divorced my husband!…yes I survived!!!.I had to, afterall there were three lovely creatures to be looked after and provide for. This is not to tell a ‘sob story’, as everyone has one to tell, but this is to give you a little background of myself and why the journey to self discovering and personnel growth is so important to me.

I have been providing a bit of support for other women, mostly Nigerians who have found themselves in unfortunate situation of domestic abuse leading to single parenthood; this didn’t take the form of financial support but basically putting out my hand and helping another person walk on the bright side, encouragement with words and supporting them towards self awareness and ensuring that they saw that part of themselves that God called beautiful. This made me feel better as a person and I started to grow in confidence with these women…am just about to scream Hallelujah…Oh I’ll just go ahead and shout it..Hallelujah!!!(That felt so good)

Therefore, my lovely people, my blog ‘Hercules-in-heels’ aims to encourage, support and provide any healthy-living knowledge I can lay my hands on, (trust me I’m a nurse!)…we can also have a good laugh, I might be a sexy mama but I love to goof around a bit. I want this blog to be interactive and hopefully you can share your own experiences. Thanks a lot.

Here’s wishing you a very happy and totally blessed new year and I shall see you in this fabulous circle soon. Love you

Jane xx

21 Replies to “First step”

  1. Oge in the house! Well done ! Or should I say more grease to your armpit! Your blog will undoubtedly gives succour to loads of women out there. As my watchword its never over till its over! Anumanu' God bless you richly ! We are rooting for u !


  2. wow, this is the beginning of a great adventure, i am proud of you, keep up the great work, with your wealth of experience you definitely have a lot to offer.


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