Who is in your circle?


We are now just few hours into the New Year and I bet we are all seeking to grow and achieve more in every aspect of our lives, be it our relationships, family lives, health, spirituality and careers, right? Yes of course!

Now the question is how is your circle? Is it looking good? That’s for you to answer but think deeply about it and explore all areas before making any judgement. (Whilst you are pondering over it, am gonna crack on)

In clarification, circle is basically your clique (that is if you are a bit urban like me) in plain English, it simply means people in your life and I cannot stress enough to you the importance of having the right people in your life; this can either make or break your growth as an individual, after all as humans we need each other to function hence the popular saying of “no man is an island”.

Beware of negative circle, the put-downers as I fondly call them, the bullies and the takers that never give. The ones who seek to downgrade all your achievements to make themselves feel better…yeah? Those people in your life who never support your effort to be your personal best instead they drag you down with their unkind words and negative attitude. I bet you have come across those and they are still sitting in your circle as we speak. These individuals also come in form of family members and work colleagues. On that note,I want you to be aware that Negativity can be very contagious and we do not need this type of individuals if we hope to progress in life.

 I am not implying that our happiness rely on others but as humans we tend to achieve more and grow better with a positive support system, we seek love, peace, reassurance and kindness from each other. It’s ok for me to come here and preach to you about this but I have been a victim of poisonous circle for so long and it took me donkey’s years to say ENOUGH IS FRIGGING ENOUGH! and started to pick and choose who stays in my circle, who i share my life, my flaws and my vulnerability with. However this is still work in progress as sometimes i still find myself in this situation but i find that am now stronger and confident enough to nip it in the bud. (Patting myself on the back.)

I am thankful for people in my life at the moment, my family, Friends and the Adam of my life are so supportive and so kind, I feel totally blessed.

Here’s what am doing to protect myself from poisonous circle, you may add more to the list as you leave your comments because I want to learn from you too;

v  Being my own best friend.

v  Being confident in myself as a person.

v  Staying focused on my goals and ignoring unconstructive criticism.

v  Networking with positive people and staying away from negative ones.

v  Appreciating those that have genuine interest in me.

v  Maintaining my personal relationship with my God.

Thank you for finding time to read my blog today, please let me know your opinion and also share your experience if you prefer.  Jane xx

11 Replies to “Who is in your circle?”

  1. Truly, your views are intandem with the famous saying" Show me your friends and i will tell you who you are" With positive and optimistic friends, your sucess is guaranteed..thanks for that wonderful write up, i was both educative and inspiring, thumps up!!!!


  2. Yes dear, it is important we guide our circle and probably weed them once in a while, especially those of us who are rare gems. Although we might not be able to control people we come in contact with, but we can control who stays in our circle. I've been blessed by the best of the best most wonderful people in my circle and they have helped me grow stronger and wiser.Thanks for this Jane. Now i need to tell others about this blog. chux!


  3. My Sister HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013…please know for a FACT that it is an honour for me to be in your Circle..Life is a teacher and everyday we wake up is a GIFT from GOD…i like what you are doing to protect yourself from poisonous circle….I HONESTLY BELIEVE THAT IT IS GOD FIRST AND GOD LAST BECAUSE THIS WORLD IS DANGEROUS AND NOT EVERYONE THAT SMILES WITH YOU WISHES YOU THE BEST.Just be focused on educating us and inspiring us and take care of your self and your kids…BE STRONG.BE FOCUSED AND HAVE FAITH…I look forward to your blog daily and am happy you are doing the right thing…(please feel free to contact me if you have any website ,logo or graphic designs plans(I WILL DO IT FREE OF CHARGE FOR YOU- NO HIDDEN CHARGES – 100% FREE – YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH ENOUGH PAIN AND SADNESS AND ITS TIME FOR YOU TO ENJOY THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE)From Chieke Nwanna-Nzewunwa


  4. Happy new year Jane. I think as we get older, we start to realise that we don't need so many people around us. Personally, in the last year, so much positivity happened around me that I actually began to question whether it was because my circle of 'friends' changed. Then I actually remembered all the negativity and drama over the years and realised it was the same ‘culprits’ who I used to hang with that the drama happened with. Both directly and indirectly. I’ve also realised life is short. I’ve lost 3 dear people to me in the last 2 years so I’ve decided to enter 2013 as I left 2012. Drama free!!! It’s amazing how much happiness and contentment comes about as a result of being ‘on your own’ 🙂


  5. Thank you so much Chieke i really appreciate the support am getting from your company, as a budding blogger, i will be definitely looking for a nice website in future, i shall call upon you!..lol. happy new yr hun


  6. this is good every thing u said is pure and correct,meeting the wrong people in life can kill destiny,for me i choose my friends they don't choose me, keep it up you will grow more in Jesus name Amen


  7. I realized a long time ago that I do not need a lot of friends, just few good ones. I don't handle drama very well so I stay the hell away from them. I have fun just being by myself. Every single point you stated above is what I do to protect myself except God is first on my list. Nice one.


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