Christmas came, we ate and now we are totally stuffed!

We are now back to reality and you are probably starting to wonder why your arms look bigger and your waistline has now become a little wider. I won’t mention big bum because as a black woman that’s ‘bootiful’ however you want it to be firm as well.

 I am with you in this dilemma because I took binge eating this Christmas to a very concerning level. Partly because I love food so much that I would choose food over Idris Elba anytime, moreover I had moved house over the Christmas period and I ate to relieve the stress of moving.( am a bit of comfort eater)

Now what shall we do to get rid of the unwanted fat? well I have done it before, successfully, so it’s no biggie!

I have a tailored weight loss programme I sort of created for myself, it wasn’t totally organic as I drew tips from some health and fitness gurus but I also added my personal touch to make it work for me. I do not encourage weird unhealthy or starvation weight loss programme. I opt for a healthy balanced diet combined with physical activity types of programmes.

This hot mama loves her food best when a man is cooking..lol


 Create a weight loss plan and make it realistic NO CRASH DIET. If you have a smart phone, then this will be really easy for you to do because there are so many apps out there to enable you plan solidly. You can create either weekly or daily diet plan and most importantly know what your calorie requirements and consumption is.
Reduce your calorie intake by at least 200/300 in the first week (An average man requires 2,500 and the average for Woman 2000 calories). Recommended daily calorie consumption also depends on your physical activities and age. E.g. if you normally consume a 400 calories breakfast, you may want to decrease your intake to 300. To illustrate;

Breakfast: I often have a small bowl of oatmeal, made with semi-skimmed milk and a small scoop (half tea spoon) of strawberry jam for breakfast except Saturdays when I have the whole shebang of English breakfast. I also have a cup of tea without sugar or 1 sugar. WATCH FRUIT JUICES! They contain lots of sugar, always go for real fruits instead.

Mid morning snack: A banana (great for energy) or an apple.

Lunch: This is tricky but if you have the time, I suggest at  you eat a big meal at this time e.g. rice, potatoes, yam and those sort of complex carbs. The reason is because it’s day time, you are still busy doing chores or working therefore you are more likely to burn few calories after that big meal. Aim to consume maximum of 800 calories at this time. Keep portion control in mind and make it a balanced meal. If you preferred a bit of chocolate or ice cream after meal then your main meal calories should be reduced a bit, that’s the price you will pay for a treat so keep it occasional.

Dinner/supper: I would definitely eat before 7pm and I will opt for a lighter meal. To illustrate, I would have a vegetable soup and a small roll of bread, if I had a big meal during lunch but if I had just a small boring but healthy sandwich at lunch time, I would eat a stir fry made with lots of vegetables, small quantity of noodles and a handful of chicken strips.

  MEAL TIPS.Avoid in- between meals with all your might (they are evil), snack on fruits and nuts but watch the calories too.Eat rice once per week.Avoid low calories snacks, (they make you eat more and they are pointless) .drink water to keep hydrated, limit coffee intake. Drink green tea, they are great antioxidants and they are suppose to help your metabolism.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.Keep it simple for starters but consistent. It doesn’t have to be gym but start off with a long walks twice weekly and increase gradually to short  jogging distances. As you start to build your strength then whack in a short distance running and increase as you go. 

                                                               Run your socks off!
Dancing is amazing!…I have a frequent pretend ‘clubbing’ in my kitchen for about an hour shaking it to dance music or Afro hip-hop.(can you imagine how much burnt calories)
Find a friend who is interested in looking good and staying healthy, both of you will surely encourage and motivate each other. Arrange for walks and jog together and you will find that you will gossip for England burning off those calories

I have a very close friend who is a mum of mum of 4 and she looks great! We often walk/jog for an hour or two, whilst catching up and supporting each other, we talk about work, kids, fashion and our relationship sometime we chip some juicy gossip and laugh so hard even when we are running out of breath. That was always refreshing and fun plus we were losing weight together.
Give yourself enough time and be realistic e.g. loose 5kg in 6 months, have time for yourself and look your best. Teach your family to eat healthily and don’t feed your family what you wouldn’t eat.

DIABETES! This will come when you carry fat around your waist, which makes it hard for your pancreas to produce enough insulin. Diabetes could lead to complications which affect your sights, blood pressure/circulation, limp amputation, erectile dysfunction in men, affect your quality of life and potentially could lead to death.

Obesity leads to many more health complication, so losing weight is not just about looking good but feeling good too. I am on my journey to lose 5kg before summer.

 I understand how hard it is but contact me or anyone who is willing to support you if you find it difficult or you hit an awful low during your weight loss program. Thank you and God bless.

Jane xx
photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography via photopin cc


  1. God help me oge were i wan start lol it looks simple i do stairs in my ofce but i like d regimentedgym it helps me sort of i did walk 4 like a few weeks till it became borin i agree going wit another friend interested in burnin dem wicked fats will help. Tanks babe keep ds up!!!


  2. Thanks clare for your comment.Bear in mind that any little positive changes you make in you diet and exercise will go a long way. if you get bored just listen to music as you walk, that helps me. Let me know how you are getting on.


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