Welcome to Breastville!

The other day I stood in front of my dressing mirror and had a long stare at my breasts and i said to them in my local language (IGBO) ”Unu adiro bad!” meaning in English, ”you guys are not bad at all”,  considering that I breast-fed 3 children until they turned 1year old!

 Now before some of you go off in a tangent with this breast talk, my point here is BREAST AWARENESS. Breast awareness is simply knowing your breasts and familiarising yourself with them so that you can spot out promptly what is normal and abnormal. Every woman should be able to tell when there are changes in the appearance or feel of their breast at anytime of their monthly cycle.


Once you get to know your breasts, how the look and feel, then these are changes to look out for;

Taking notice of these unusual changes and reporting them to your Doctor or Nurse immediately is vital and in some cases, it can be life saving. However, some changes are totally harmless and may not lead to cancer but could be treated promptly. LOOK OUT FOR WHAT IS ABNORMAL TO YOUR BREASTS.

When to check

I often check my breasts during showers once or twice per week, and i usually notice different feel to them during my period. So it is entirely up to you how often you should check your breasts but i suggest you make it a habit.

How to check.

Looking; Stand in front of your mirror and look closely at each breasts, noting down, any usual and unusual appearances, look from every angle, sides and underneath.

Feeling; Its recommended by health professionals to feel your breasts in the bath or shower using soapy hands; this will make it easier to feel around the breasts for lumps. Press your breast firmly but in a gentle manner. Feel every part of your breasts, even towards the collarbone, armpit and the nipple.

What to remember

Breasts may feel softer and less lumpy after menopause
Breast can show same monthly changes after hysterectomy until your period stops.
Consult a health professional soon as you notice any unusual changes/sensation or pain.
Whilst some changes are dangerous, some are totally harmless.

I shall leave you now to develop a loving relationship with your breasts. Please let me know if you have any questions and i will do my very best to provide an answer for you. Thank you for reading my post today, see you again soon and God bless.

Jane xx

photo credit: mugley via photopin

4 Replies to “Welcome to Breastville!”

  1. Good article, you have reminded me that I need to teach our daughter how to check her breast, she is 12yrs old and is developing at a rapid pace! If this becomes part of her health regime now in yrs to come it will be second nature like brushing her teeth #breastawareness!


  2. Hello Sim-Simma(love your name!)Thank you so much for taking time to read my post and great comment too.I completely agree with you, girls are developing faster now than our generation and breast awareness is so important to help cut down rate of breast cancer.


  3. Jane… I really love this,unfortunately we men don't have breast that can be felt or check as the case may be. I would love you to tell us how we men can reduce our Tommy . Thank you so much for educating women .


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