Biological clock ticking faster than you think.


I first heard of a woman’s fast ticking biological clock from my mother when I was just 16!. And she was sending the warning loud and clear with several failed attempts to marry me off soon as I finished secondary school.  I would have made such an awful wife; too impatient and totally bunkers with teenage hormones.

Nevertheless, My Mother’s worry was genuine; she wanted to make sure that I had my children at the peak of my fertility. Her warnings were heard even in all my stubbornness, by the time I turned 31, I had all my children.


The topic of race against time in every woman’s fertility has become more frightening these days and heels trembling. Most reports have pointed towards age as one of the significant deciding factors of the increase or decline of a woman’s fertility rate. Experts suggested that fertility is at its peak when aged between 19-25 and the decline rears its ugly head when we hit 35.

On the other, early Menopause is a force to reckon with; as part of my daily nursing duties, I carry out SMEAR TESTS (Cervical screening) and I have discovered the rise of early menopause from patients’ history taking. Menopause in a simple term means the end of menstruation and the decline of Estrogen levels. It usually hit a woman between ages of 45 and 55. Now we are starting to see more onset of Menopause in women who are just in their late 20s and early 30s.

Surely these reports which are apparently evidence-based are enough to worry any woman who have not met her Mr right or enough finances to start having children. More also, there would be this gigantic pressure on women to hurry and drag any bloke down the aisle for the sake of race against time.

I bet by now some of you are starting to feel like the white rabbit of Alice in wonderland, going mental over time, well..calm down. There is no need to panic about biological clocks but issues we must take into account are;

Planning: Plan your fertility live just as you would do in every other part of your live. It is as important as anything else, decide whether starting a family early is more important to you than building a career or the other way round.

Focus: Stay absolutely focused on your chosen path; there is nothing wrong in wanting to build your career and then have children later. However, bear in mind the difficulty of conception and possible pregnancy complication, once you are over 35 of age.

Family fertility health history: Find out from your mother or older women in your family about their fertility and when they first experienced menopause. Some early menopause and fertility issues could be hereditary.

Stay healthy: Whatever your decision , keep your body healthy. Make it a temple and not a pub!

Thanks a lot for reading my post, good luck and God bless.
Jane xx

8 Replies to “Biological clock ticking faster than you think.”

  1. The idea of the biological clock is a scary subject to think about. Its unfortunate that sometimes our decision to procreate is determined by a race against a clock so to speak. I don’t think anyone knows who they truly are or what they really want until well into their 20s and I’ve always believed that I don’t want to have children until my late 20s early 30s, but hearing that some women are going into premature menopause that early is scary. I do strongly believe that if its meant to be it will be, and if not, well, there are thousands of children out there looking for good homes and parents and I am not in any way against the idea of adoption.


  2. Thanks a lot for your comment Kelly, I completely agree with you. It’s best to wait till you are ready before becoming a parent but race against time is starting to put a lot of pressure on women. Adoption is great but still a sensitive option for some people.


  3. Even if a woman waits too long, adoption is always a possibility. As for myself, children have never been a priority. I totally agree that whatever choices a person may make, staying healthy is key.


  4. Hello JeriW, Thank you for coming by and for your comment. I agree with you, I think we all have choice to make and they have to be the ones that makes us happy. I have met people who have decided to adopt rather than have kids of their own. I think that’s brilliant.


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