I lasted a month!


Today is exactly a month since I started blogging. This is long lasting considering how awfully impatient I am as an individual; I knew full well that blogging would be a significant challenge and an enormous test to my level of my endurance. But am still here blogging and singing Rudimental’s ‘not giving in'( tune innit?)

Nevertheless, I am very proud of myself for having come this far and for having had the maturity to deal with the anxiety of what other people thought about my blog. I have also met some amazing people who took their time to encourage and support me with my endeavour.

I must admit that it knocks your confidence a bit when people completely ignore your efforts and even more hurtful is the lacklustre interest shown by some you have considered good friends. But it’s alright (saying in my Nigerian accent), you learn from every experience and the road to success is often rocky.

The rationale for this blog is to inspire and support other women through health awareness and real life issues. I also wanted to keep it simple and write honestly as I would if I was speaking directly to you. I hope that this has been the case.

These past few weeks, I have watched my life unfold moment by moment;

My spirit.

I have experienced so many positive events in my life these past few weeks but I still had that awful feeling of being completely distant from God. So yesterday, I decided to worship with Exchange, (one of the Newfrontiers group of churches) a sort of MOT for my relationship with God. It was as I expected, absolutely breathtaking and my spirit kept saying ”Thank you Lord. I am catholic by birth but often I find myself wanting more spiritually.


My children are amazing and very lovely but they excitedly announced to me that I am the softest mum in the world! Apparently I am nowhere near strict enough!
This is also a big blow to my reputation as a Nigerian mum. However, as long as they continue to be respectful, diligent and happy then I am ok with the ‘softest’ mum title.


I have now landed a new post as a Nurse Deputy Manager! My first ever managerial role and I am due to start in March. I thought to myself, ‘about
I am a good nurse and I absolutely love my job. With God by my side, I will definitely deliver as always.

Well done Jane! (I always pat myself on the back)

I hope you continue to be proud of yourself and never undermine your efforts.

Thanks and God bless.

Jane xx

12 Replies to “I lasted a month!”

  1. Jane! Thanks for visiting and CONGRATS on your one month of blogging. Blogging has definitely helped me and I hope you continue to grow as both a person and a blogger. Cheers!


  2. Congrats dear, you were always a strong willed person, i had absolutely no doubt that you pull this off and for church, now you see reasons why you must do that often eh? cheers and loads of luv from this way…


  3. Jane, what a sweet spirit you have! Except that “softest mum” title with joy and grace, because your kids will always love you for it. 🙂
    Congratulations on keeping your blog for a whole month! That’s quite exciting and wait till you hit a year and then you won’t know what to think!!


    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your encouraging words. I am really enjoying blogging at the moment, hopefully in a year’s time I’ll still feel the same, fingers crossed:-)


  4. Congrats on your 1 month anniversary! Just keep with it…and if you keep your content quality high you WILL see results. Nursing can be a really stressful career so take advantage of spare moments to do your writing!

    Again, congrats.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting my blog. I usually write on my day off or during my lunch break. As you said, nursing is a very busy job so I use my spare times really well:-)


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