My concerns.

IMG_20130110_120734After such busy day at work beavering away like Florence Nightingale; Working from diabetes clinic to full on practice nursing bits such as leg ulcers, ear syringing, wounds, smears…should I continue?.. Perhaps not.  So I came home and had the luxury to actually sit down in my lovely new living room and watch a bit of Television.

As I flicked between BBC1 and channel 4 to catch a bit of news, I soon realised that it was all gloom and doom around our beautiful world. I was completely overwhelmed with emotions by the amount of violence and complete ignorance of human life happening around us.

Having sat there already  frozen with anger over Mali, then Syria came on with pictures of women like myself struggling to survive and unsure what tomorrow would bring for their children. As if that was not enough, the story of the brutal massacre of South African Miners came on with horrific video evidence of these men being shot at for striking.  At that point, with tears dropping down on my face, I took to twitter and ranted on rather politely asking humans to be humans and not animals.

I am not sure if anyone listened to my Twitter rant but the niggling question on my mind was, ‘HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?’ where is our compassion, our intelligence, our conscience as humans and our freedom, what has happened to us?

Jane xx

8 Replies to “My concerns.”

  1. I was JUST talking to my daughter about that. A group of Tibetan monks are speaking at her college campus this week. My heart grew for them when I took an Eastern Religion class. It’s craziness that all they want to do is live in peace and not bother anyone. There country was taken away by the Chinese for no apparent reason…other than power. There truly is so much evil around us. It’s heartbreaking. I have to tell myself it’s part of living in a fallen world. All I can do is link with others and show compassion. Hopefully, touch one person at a time.



  2. I very seldom watch television news anymore. There are plenty of kind people. Network television shows so much ugliness that it looks like a false humanity, and I just shake my head, wondering what kind of people manage so much misery. Life is better without following the news…


    1. Hello Lawrence, thanks for your comment. I used to avoid the news because of all the grim stories but I am just too curious not to know what goes on in the world. Just wish the news were a little uplifting.


  3. Thank you Mihaela. You are right, even if we turn blind eyes to these awful incidents, they will still be happening. I suppose we just have to apply our own kindness in our everyday lives.


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