An email from a mad man.


                    Email from a Nigerian troll. aka Mr Iyalla Adaye.(Iyallafaith on LinkedIn)

Prior to publishing my post on Oral sex safety, I thought about the reaction that I may get for venturing into this sensitive subject. But in the end I decided to publish it; Ignoring fear of criticism.  Undoubtedly, my post has proven to be a little boat rocker and completely rattled some people to the point of aggressively making me aware of their disapproval. Condemning my audacity of uttering the word ‘Oral sex’.
Obviously these hypocritical men did not understand my post and I suspect that they had not even bothered to read the texts properly. They just handpicked what they wanted and judged me. I guess if I was a man then it would have been just fine to talk about sex . Bloody donkeys!

The above email stood out from the few that I received yesterday so I decided to publish it.
This gentleman on LinkedIn (apparently a journalist) felt this email was the best way to register his anger over my oral sex post. However, I was not surprised at all to see this kind of reaction from my countryman.(That is how some of our Nigerian men roll) All the negative emails I got came from my country Nigeria. Nigeria has some of the most intelligent people in the world but some cultural view on women still requires further consideration. Mr Adaye’s attempt to disrespect me for speaking out showcased him as a pointless perverted twat!

In clarification ( yet again!) the rationale for the post was to create a safety awareness on Oral sex and it’s increasing links with throat and mouth cancer. Many people still are unaware of the health risks of Oral sex because it’s too embarrassing to talk about. These things happen and it would be foolish to bury our heads in the sand.

I am a bit outspoken and I completely understand that it may not entirely sit well with your opinion of me or  your cultural and religious view on women. Unfortunately, I cannot promise you a less controversial topic because if it is out there, I shall talk about it.

May I kindly point out that trying to bully me is as difficult as getting me to watch football  for 5 mins.  Rant Over.( I could do with a nice cup of tea after this)

Jane xx

2 Replies to “An email from a mad man.”

  1. That is terrible! I’m disgusted at such bullies. The post was very educational. You know what, I’ll love to publish that post on my blog so that even more people can learn from it. Please email me at myne @ if that’s OK. Please don’t mind them and keep blogging.


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