My divine relationship

Beautifully made by God.

It is a very powerful and confident declaration to say that you have a personal relationship with God. This declaration boosted my confidence as a person and led me to the acknowledgement of  God’s loving and approachable personality that I did not get know for so long. This is not imply that God was never loving to me before now but growing up, I only got to know the God that would condemn me to hell if I went wrong and sinned against Him.

Since my divorce, I have felt a little distant from Catholic church which was the religion I was born into. I stopped receiving the holy sacrament because of self-condemnation and guilt.  But most of my guilty conscience came from feeling of self inadequacy, I believed that I had let my beloved faith down by buggered off to divorce. I felt like the bad sheep and lived with that for few years. Although deep down, I knew that my divorce was a wise decision, I still could not come to terms with it as a christian catholic.

My eyes opened when I started attending some Pentecostal churches to feed my hungry spirit.  Finally I discovered personal relationship with God. And of course I ran with it and kept it as my strength and healing of my self-condemnation. I was keen to discover the loving God who is delighted in my happiness and who would do anything to keep me under his banner of love. I was starting to get a little fed up of hearing about God who will condemn me to hell for being a useless sinner. I wanted GRACE, MERCY and LOVE.

Personal relationship with God makes us absolute BFF with our creator without the direct involvement of pastors, priest, preachers and holier than thou individuals who may feel that they know God better. It is such a powerful gift which God himself has allowed through Jesus Christ. We could grow from strength to strength in our spirits thus enabling a better communication and a supportive stable relationship with our maker. I chat to God about my spirituality, my relationships, my parenting life and my career moves. He listens and then speaks with gentle but powerful clarity.

My relationship with God is non religious, it is spiritual, powerful and private. He is the only one who sees my hidden faults and my efforts to be a better person.

Nonetheless, theologically correct men and women may disagree with my view on this but our personal relationship with God is tailor-made and totally personalised as long as we continued to open our hearts to God.  It is no wonder I have gone from miss clueless to a wise little Mama, I ran to my God and held on to Him through my years of storms.

So get your spirit soaring right up to your creator, He will accept you just the way you are.

Have a great sunday and thanks for reading.

Jane xxx

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