Slam the door on diabetes!


An avid reader of my blog recently contacted me (yes I have one, can you imagine that! ) and questioned why I have not talked about diabetes for an obvious reason of me being a diabetes nurse. And my answer was ‘I switch off when I get home from work’.  I would not want to bore my beloved family to shreds ranting on about diabetes; therefore a better option for me would be putting into action all I have spent few hours at work preaching. However, I am proud to say that with the help of my wonderful partner (He is a bit annoying sometimes getting everyone to exercise), our family is fast becoming a super healthy one and the children have been successfully weaned off regular trips to MackyD.

Here is what is in the global back garden. Oh dear!

Diabetes is a force to reckon with globally, with type 2 diabetes ranking as one of the world’s fast rising killer diseases. World health organisation estimated that more than 80% of diabetic related deaths occur in low and middle-income countries. Even more frightening, Rise in deaths due to diabetes is expected to rise in two-thirds by 2030( WHO, factsheet 2012).

Let me explain the meaning of diabetes in the simplest form and this is aimed at readers who may have no knowledge of diabetes at all. So for those ‘in the know’ please do not feel offended or belittled.

Diabetes is a condition in which there is too much glucose (sugar) in the blood. Normally the insulin which is produced by the pancreas balances the glucose in our blood and helps keep it nice and steady so we do not develop diabetes.

There two types of diabetes;

1. Type 1 diabetes. This may occur from birth and there is no proven evidence of what causes it. The pancreas in this case does not produce any insulin at all and therefore leaving too much glucose in the blood.

2.  Type 2 diabetes. This is caused by unhealthy diet, overweight/obese, lack of exercise. Some medication (steroid based) may set off type 2 diabetes. Type 2 is also hereditary, which means that if other members of your family suffer from type 2 diabetes, then you are definitely at risk of developing it.

Signs and symptoms.

. Rapid unintended weight loss (usually in Type 1)

. Tiredness

.  Feeling thirsty all the time

. Urinating frequently

. Repeated Infections

. Blurred eye sight

.  Wounds are slow to heal.( limp amputation)

. Erectile dysfunction in Men.

Facts you need to know about Diabetes

. Diabetes is incurable;  it is for life.

. Diabetes is progressive; you will end up with insulin injection eventually but good management could slow down progression.

. If poorly managed, diabetes can kill very quickly.

. Diabetes is notoriously connected to high blood pressure(Hypertension) and high cholesterol thus increasing your risk of stroke.

Obesity and fat tummy will increase your chances of becoming diabetic. (Insulin resistant)

. Diabetes is higher among Blacks, Asians(South east) and Hispanics.

.  Diabetes (Type 2) is preventable! Hurray!!!!


You may have heard of several campaigns against obesity everywhere these days and the most recent one in the UK was the demand for high taxes on sugary drinks. I am in absolute support of all these campaigns because we are getting fatter and that is an open door to all sorts of chronic diseases, cancer and death. Obesity and chronic diseases are denting our economy because they are very expensive to manage. (The NHS will thank me for this)

Type 2 diabetes is now on the increase among children..Yes children!  This is because more people are feeding their children with junk food and everywhere you look today you spot an adorable but fat kid. Some people think they are living the dream by buying every video game going for their children and television installed in every bed room thus robbing their kids of most cherished outdoor activities. I have friends who have plenty of unhealthy snacks in their cupboards and their kids have easy access to these snacks. Why the hell are we doing that to our children and shortening their lifespan?

While we appreciate having luxury modern choices and stuffing our faces with all the food God has created, let us take a little time and think of our health and that of our loved ones. Healthy food may be expensive but you can afford to buy yet another Gucci and Louis Vuitton handbags.

I’ll leave you to ponder over this. Perhaps this post will enable you to make positive and healthy changes for yourself and your family.

Have a great weekend.

Jane xx

photo credit: duisburgbunny via photopin cc

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