I sent my mother into an early labour.

Blimey! could we look anymore alike?

My mum loves looking back to our childhood and would recollect silly things my brothers and I did as littlens. I was apparently the naughtiest of the three of us and this particular event stood out in my history of naughtiness.

I was only seven years of age and my mum was heavily pregnant with my youngest brother; she had only few weeks until her due date and probably fed up feeling like a whale. So mum asked my cousin to get her the tin of assorted biscuits which was given to her as a present earlier that day, by one of our relatives. My cousin was shocked to find that someone had eaten all the biscuits and left the empty tin back in the cupboard. And yes you guessed it, that person was me!

Mum was obviously angered by my greed and my sheer selfishness. ‘Ogechukwu! I am going to kill you today!’ Mum yelled in anger. ‘I am sorry mama, it was the devil that made me eat all the biscuits’ I fibbed in desperation to save my dear life. (Isn’t it funny how stealing and lying roll nicely together). But mum was not ready to accept my apologies this time so she stood up and marched straight towards like a fearless fat lioness. Although I could have stayed and taken the wrath of a very pregnant woman, I cleverly decided a better option and sprinted off even faster than Usain Bolt and Mo Farah combined. To my great astonishment, mum sped right after me.
I remembered clearly jumping over a small fence and mum jumped over it too! I thought to myself, ‘oh lord, save me, I will never touch a pregnant woman’s food ever again in my life’. My prayer was heard; My mum could not chase after me anymore so she walked back home, about an hour later, a kind neighbour took me back to plead on my behalf but when we got to my house. My cousin announced mum had gone into labour and she had been taken to the local maternity by my dad.

Dad returned some hours later and happily announced the birth of my brother. He took me back to see my mother and the new baby. And there I stood face to face to a very happy and loving mother who was earlier a raving mad pregnant woman, chasing me around the neighbourhood over a massive tin of biscuits. I got a big cuddle from my mum and she seemed to have completely forgotten about my crime. You still cannot get me away from a tin of biscuits but I would rather buy them. This story sends my mother and me roaring with laughter every time. Legend!

Have a beautiful Mother’s day 🙂

Jane xx

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