One day heavens will speak.

It has been an awful week for most of us around the world. From the devastation in Oklahoma by mother nature to a senseless killing of a young British soldier.

As you do, I ventured watching 10 o clock news last night on BBC one and the stories one after the other were very depressing. Watching the family of Drummer Lee in so much sorrow brought tears to my eyes. No one had to lose their loved one in that horrible way. In desperation for a lighter mood, I turned to my other half and suggested we watch all episodes of the Kardashians back to back, he looked at me and I bet he thought WTF!!!!!  ‘ No love!’ he replied with a straight face.  He is not all into trashy television, he is an intelligent man who enjoys intelligent stuff. I on the hand, fluctuates from intelligence to trashy… rather happily.

However, nothing could lighten anyone’s mood at that point, it was a very sad news. Drummer Lee deserved a better life and the young men who murdered him were already troubled souls,  groomed carefully by charismatic evil doers to do their dirty jobs in the name of religion.

More so, what got me screaming in anger was the reaction of some people and their political incorrectness over the incident. Some blamed multiculturalism and called for all immigrants to be thrown out. Others blamed religion and unfairly tagged all muslims as terrorists. while others worried about Nigerian image being tarnished by the Woolwich killing. Does it matter at all if these murderer were Nigerians or British? If they were black or white?

I wondered  if there was any need  for all the pointless bickering and bigotry displayed in the social media. Shouldnt we stay focused and united as humans and fight against these blood-thirsty idiots in our society. In contrast,  a Muslim woman on twitter rightfully tweeted, ‘not in our names, stop the killing and stop destroying Islam’  I totally admired her confidence and passion. There is no doubt that many Muslims felt the same way. It must be sad to watch your faith and spirituality used as a justification to kill.

I know terrorism is far-reaching and it is undoubtedly a deadly virus plaguing the world at large, leaving its dreadful mark on both Muslims and non-Muslims. How on earth can you mend a damaged mind and turn an individual from their violent behavior which is already skin-deep? My humble suggestion is that we stay strong and do the best we can to promote peace and love in our every day lives. In time, all these shall pass.

I hate that this post has such a sepulchral tone to it but it is what it is. In the mean time, I confidently look forward to a peaceful world , where we shall continue to enjoy the liberty of being humans as God intended; Loving, compassionate and selfless. Heavens shall speak one day. I am hopeful.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jane xx

6 Replies to “One day heavens will speak.”

  1. Hello Sister,
    I really love your concern. it is high time our white brothers come to appreciate us and must not alway know us for the wrong reasons. Afterall. both the white and black equally do wrong and strangely they refuse to identify most of our great deeds, God help the world and heal it.


  2. That was a beautiful, thoughtful post. It was full of hope amidst the sadness. We all need to realize that we are one in our humanity, no matter our race or professed religion. Someday we will.


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