Not lazy, just taking it easy.

Queen of  get-it-together-and-provide-all-their-needs.
Queen of get-it-together-and-provide-all-their-needs.


Before my annual leave began, I envisioned myself lazying chilling around at home without an ounce of guilt. I was going to stick to a mantra inscribed brightly on my son’s jammy “Not lazy, just taking it easy” Soon enough, I realised that the luxury of laziness and feeling entitled at the same time only applied to my children. Not even our lovely duchess of Cambridge in all of her privileges can afford the luxury of lazy days anymore. With a very cute prince George who would gladly keep her up most nights, she will soon acquire good old eye bags like the rest of us. The great thing about Kate Middleton is that she trends like no man’s business. You never know,  she might  just make eye bags fashionable. Brilliant innit?!

I am nearing the end of what was meant to be a two weeks of “me time” annual leave and I am a shed load of exhaustion. I spent most days…like..literary a whole day rendering impeccable services to my family; ranging from cooking, cleaning, ironing and taxi-ing them about to various summer activities and of course to visit their friends. “Ridiculous!” I screamed out yesterday afternoon, after a marathon of chores around the house. I shall refrain from moaning to you how expensive it is to entertain kids these days. Let’s just say that I could buy myself a gorgeous designers handbag off a days trip expenses.  Because life must continue, we plan to visit Cadbury world this weekend as well as squeezing in a trip to somewhere bloody expensive in London. After all that jazz, I shall happily get back to work on Monday. (Hurray! )

I feel a little disappointed in myself, despite all of my efforts so far to keep my brood happy and stimulated. I could have created a little chill out time just for me. I guess my days of being a bionic mum are well and truly over;  Not so long ago, I juggled being a great single mum as well as holding down a full-time job working as a nurse. Although my circumstances have changed for the better (Thankfully). With great parenting support from my brilliant other half, I have realised that I am no longer as good a juggler as I was in my single-parenting days. Hopefully, my lazy days will come soon as they have flown the nest.

Children are gifts from God and they bring great joy, even if they  manage to reduce you to a barking mad woman in the middle of town centre. It’s all good in the freaking hood!

Big tings a gwan!

So, I managed to secure guest writing with the great I am incredibly happy about this but I don’t think my writing creativity is functioning as well at the moment to be able to deliver a great piece for them. I think they have been kind enough to have published what I have written so far. Nonetheless,  I am persevering to get myself functioning brilliantly. I am not big on patience, not at all, sometimes I wish that I had super power to drag things along faster than a Japanese bullet train. ‘Be patient Jane!, please be patient,’ says everyone I know . Although they are starting to sound like a broken record, I reckon it may be time to stop and listen to their wise words.

Please find time to check out the link below and see my post on Let me know your thoughts.

Till my next post, have a brilliant weekend:-)
Jane xxx

6 Replies to “Not lazy, just taking it easy.”

  1. Hey Jane, well, you took a break and let your blog chill… that should count for something 🙂 Welcome back Bionic mum, I enjoyed reading this. Congrats on writing for Ono Bello, will check out your post asap.


    1. Thanks a lot! Am back to work today and weirdly full of energy:-)
      I am really excited about contributing to big sites such as Ono but am not sure if I could cope long term with maintaining my own blog, parenting and work. Fingers crossed. Have a great week x


  2. I’m just starting my two week holiday and hoping I get more rest than you have managed, but I’m not optimistic. 🙂 Love the picture.

    Congrats on the writing spot on Onobello, I’m heading there now.


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