Aztec rocking!

My gorgeous daughter has just started writing her own blog. She is a one of few kids in their school who own blogs. I am super proud of her. I thinks this is great for kids to start developing their writing skills as early as possible. It’s definitely better than drowning in computer games . Check it out.


Fashion is one of the most important things to us girls and maybe a few boys. We all have different fashion interests. You might like dark and gloomy clothes or modern and bright (girly) clothes. I prefer bright colourful clothes. This summer I think Aztec is so rocking!!!

 I like Aztec because of the way it is multi-colored  and also the way it has so many different and creative  patterns  like zig zags up-down triangels.

This is my new school bag that I got from Accessorize it is so pretty and I love it! I cannot wait to show this awesome bag off at school.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and for liking it!

Jada x

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