I didn’t know that I was hungry till I tasted you!

Hi everyone!

Did you miss me?  (Oh please say yes)

I am totally excited to be back here. Actually another blogger I met in my church reminded me of how much I have missed this beautiful community.

It’s been so long since I disappeared from the scene to focus on mending few leaking roofs of life. I can deal with those but please no changing of car tyres of life, thankful those are intact to the glory of God.

I can tell you now that God has been so good and merciful to me and it all ended in praise. (Praise God)

Well…I have been vlogging on YouTube! So I haven’t been completely idle, I found out that I am much more of a talker than I am a writer. Nonetheless , I still have a healthy appetite to journaling and doodling so all is good and jolly.

May I please introduce you to my YouTube channel.

Let me know what you think of it. And I look forward to connecting back with everyone.

God bless x

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