My Spiritual level up: the Daniel fast.

So I am definitely and unashamedly feeling my spiritual self. By this time last year, I was having sex outside marriage, prayed very little and completely put Yahweh at the back burner of my life. To the glory of God, I have literally gone from a clueless Christian to one who is totally hungry for the things of God and understanding His ways. I must admit that this is the best  of my relationship with God in my adult life yet.

Building my relationship with God came with support which I believe was orchestrated by Yahweh Himself. You see, when God wants you, He goes after you and also provides support and favours along your journey towards Him. One of such divine directions was being introduced to MFM church (Mountain of Fire ministries) ‘command your morning’ a weeekday morning prayers via conference calls. A good friend of mine actually introduced me to this prayer platform and that was how I got to hear about the Daniel fast and also had the opportunity of joining the group in fasting for 21 days Daniel style. It was the most refreshing thing spiritually, ever!

The Daniel fast is completely different from your regular fasting because you can actually eat whenever you are hungry but only some foods are allowed.

Watch my YouTube video and find out which group of food are allowed and those that are forbidden. Also learn more about the Daniel fast and what it did to my spiritual life. This  video also gives an you easy guide to the Daniel fast should you wish to do it this lent. Let me know your thoughts on that and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly videos.


Do not forget to pray and ready the bible as often as you can because it is the best way to increase a two way communication with God (if you listen)  thus creating intimate moments with your creator.

Jane x

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