Why single parents must pray for their children.

Last Sunday I shared a video on my YouTube channel talking about why I pray for my children a lot more than an average mother and of course urging other single mamas to pray more for their children.

My video will tell you more but I will explain to you here why I felt the need to look after my children spiritually. I have always been a firm believer that events take place spiritually before they manifest physically, this is why praying for myself, my loved ones and everything I am involved in is very important to me at the moment more than ever. When I became a single mother, I was terrified, angry and total confused, in all honesty, I thought that my ex husband was going co parent with me but I thought wrong.

When I researched how to raise children alone (yes I actually googled it) I was met with very negative search results about what became of children raised by a lone parent. It felt unfair and scary, the thought of my children and others in our situation becoming rejects in the society made me sick to my stomach. The overwhelming fear drove me to wake up and smell the strong coffee of single parenting. I took my fear straight to God.

Watch my YouTube video and see what I did and books that helped me with supporting my children spiritually.

I would love to hear your experience and I am open to your suggestions on praying for children in single parenting families.

Jane xx

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