Why I will never take birth control pills or recommend them.

You probably have met many women and young girls on birth control pills. Let’s be real here, it is one of the most popular method of birth control in the entire United Kingdom because they are dished out like sweets by doctors. No offence to doctors, but its seems like that at times. However, I am aware that things are significantly improving in our practices. And I know this because I have worked as a practice nurse few years ago.

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I arrived in England in 2002 from Nigeria and I immediately got a job as a healthcare assistant at Boots the chemist. Among many other things that I admired about the British way of life, I really loved the freedom and choices given to the female gender. This was completely opposite to the repression I experienced back home where culture and religion constantly interfered with my life. British women had choices; girls as young as 14 were already on birth control pills and supported by their families . I was shocked by it but I also thought that they were very lucky to have such freedom and support. I must be honest here, I did not completely agree with a 14-year-old or even a 16-year-old having sex, …like.. Nah man!

How I got my groove back post-divorce

I had all my 3 children in my early 30s before my divorce. As soon as I got into another committed relationship after my marriage ended, I considered choices of birth control.  I wanted great sex, (as you do!) no STDs and no pregnancy. I was given the option of birth control pills but I firmly declined because of the side effects that I discovered from my researches and the people I spoke to. I found out that most birth control pills contained the synthetic oestrogen ethinyl estradiol and synthetic progesterone to stop ovulation. Consequently, their side-effects did more harm than good.

Furthermore, pills were not going to protect me from STDs, I thought. (Don’t judge me, I have trust issues). Luckily, I met a nice gentleman who was equally paranoid about pregnancy and STDs and so we gladly settled for a condom; match made in heaven with the great 2 in 1 protection for both of us. Just so you know, condoms don’t ruin sex as many people insinuate. I had great sex using condoms so people need to chill!

Please note that I am no longer sexually active as an unmarried woman because I am now a born again Christian. And as much as I love sex, I have chosen obedience to God which hasn’t been easy because I miss intimacy like a cup of tea and Jaffa cakes on a bad day ( I shall tell you more about this on my next blog)

I have not had sex in 10 whole months! I am literally pulling my whole hair out in frustration but GOD COMES FIRST IN MY LIFE so please offer me a nice cup of tea when next you see me. My friends are already joking about my wedding night if our loving and wonderful heavenly father decides that marriage is part of His plans for me. Ooh wee!! Wedding night is gon be lit!

Ok back to the pills…

Although many manufacturers are selling birth control pills to the public as the best thing since Nutella on toast, here are some of the side effects you might consider before before getting one.

  • Did you know that birth control pills may affect your mood and affect your mental health?

There have been many reports of side effects such as anxiety, depression and even paranoia

  • Weight gain
  • Pills suppress your cycle, messes with your ovulation and leave you with infertility when you are ready to start a family
  • Acne and skin rash
  • Issues with blood circulation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Yeast infection and cystitis
  • Low libido or completely ruin your sex drive (What’s the freaking point! Omg!)
  • Hair loss
  • Breast tenderness or even painful
  • There has been links to breast and cervical cancer with birth control pills containing oestrogen

Carry out extensive research before taking any birth control pills, at the end of the day, it is your body. I must point out that some birth control pills these days are better than others and may even have some health benefits. So, research, research and research!

Speak to your doctor or your practice nurse about other birth control options that are safer and gentler to your body.

In the grand scheme of things, if you are planning to have children, it may be best to opt for condoms because they don’t interfere with your cycle. Perhaps having a chat with your husband to support you with your decision will help as I am aware that some men hate condoms.

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Jane x


22 Replies to “Why I will never take birth control pills or recommend them.”

    1. I struggled with natural method when I was married so we used condoms nearer my ovulation. As long as your husband is ok with it, it’s better method for me. Thank you so much for your comment


  1. Nice piece Jane,but Jane in our culture our men believe so much that is a taboo for a married man to use condom with the wife nd even some churches don’t encourage their congregation to to use that.I have had several argument with friends who are educated and still believe that is not proper to use condom with their wives.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment Chuba . I am very much aware of this cultural beliefs and it’s been there for ages.
      There is nothing wrong with a husband and wife deciding to use condoms when they are having sex without any plans to reproduce. This is why both need to decide what they want in their sexual lives and family planning. Our culture and religion in this case must not rule over us completely.


  2. Great post my dear . Though I haven’t used birth pills in my life . God bless you for sharing darling. Churches play huge part in people life and people take it like the pastor is a doctor. Who would come to your bedroom and judge you 🙄🙄 . Using pills at young age is not a good idea and that why a large number of women today have no children and they have very cervical cancel


  3. Great read. It’s not for everyone. Some people have side effects some people don’t. Some people don’t care about what’s inside of birth control pills.


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