Dealing with life issues the supernatural way: My testimony

So this week brought an unexpected difficulty that rocked me a bit. I had to make decisions and fast! There was no time to faff about or even a minute to dwell on getting pissed off.

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I had to trust God on this one. I wanted to stay calm the whole time but I cried for some minutes with strong feeling of anger and disappointment.  

Then I went straight to His throne , the throne of my Heavenly Father; YAHWEH and laid down all my worries and anger at His feet. I wanted God to fight for me.

That evening I didn’t speak to a single soul until I had prayed to God. I prayed mostly in tongues as I didn’t know how to pray my feelings in my own words. My prayers would have been unworthy and that of wickedness before God because my anger was so great. So I knew better and allowed the Holy Spirit to intercede on my behalf. 

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What followed blew my socks off! God was visible and favour poured out from all angles towards me. Those who didn’t know me well were marvelled by it all. 

Most people talk too much, lament and cry to other people when faced with tough times, so much so that they forget to even pray about about their situation. I used to make that foolish mistake but I learned. 

We have to form the habit of praying when in trouble before talking about it to other people because when we pray first, God directs us to the right decision and to the right people. 

 I give thanks to Yahweh as He continues to fight my battles.

This God is too amazing! (Psalms 118)

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