Wait! What? My singleness blessed me?!

One year of being single and totally free of sex has blessed my life significantly. I have grown spiritually and I am now surer of what I really want in a relationship. Most importantly, my discerning abilities are stronger than ever, I can literally sniff a f**ck boy from afar.

From a spiritual perspective, I am more open to hearing from God than I ever did when I was sexually active. Gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested and I spoke words of wisdom and knowledge over people. There was an incident in London the other week where I literally walked up to this lady and gave her what God was saying to me  about her situation. It was tough and I hesitated for good minutes before I was able to say anything to her. She was so overwhelmed with joy, she hugged me and in return she prayed over me for obeying the voice of God.

Some people may find it really easy to be single while others struggle with the idea of not having someone in their lives.
My case is somewhat in the middle; I've always been in a relationship and this is actually the longest I have ever been single in my adult life. It was always either I'm in a committed relationship, married or seeing a guy without much strings attached.
I began dating properly in my early twenties and before then, I was just enjoying the attention of guys and having fun with it.
Since, I have experienced my fair share of good and bad relationships just like the next person, I have hurt people and some have hurt me too.

In the past, I have battled with self perception and I struggled to really relate with men. I had more to offer other than sex but I blatantly refused to offer myself in totality to any man.

Ok that's in the past, what about now? Well…see, I have come to a place of truth in Christ and my self confidence as a woman who can give much more than sex has soared.

Although I still and will always appreciate sex as a force to reckon with in a relationship but I believe that true love is where compassion meets selflessness.

Sex becomes powerful and enjoyable when two Souls vibrates together in kindness and genuine appreciation for each other. In this case, you don't actually have to be "good" in bed to blow your partner's mind. Just give love in it's truer sense and receive it wholeheartedly.

I've struggled to stay single most of the time. I have occasionally become really frustrated with the whole idea of being celibate. I have also craved cuddles, kisses and the whole sexual shebang.

Watch video here

But what has stood out for me in this journey is my self appreciation.
I felt that I owed it to myself to stay within God's plans for my life and also to allow the Holy Spirit work within me.
My journey continues and I pray God's blessings over myself and to you as you read this, in Jesus name amen.

Jane x

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