I failed badly on the start of my C9 detox

So I decided to do the C9 detox again because my weight had gone up and I am losing control on my weight management. Anyone who knows me can tell you how terrified I am of being a size 12 let alone 14. I did this detox a year ago and it was very successful. C9 is a 9 day detox and weight management programme. Please consult your doctor before starting.

See video of my  C9 unboxing here.

On day 1, I wasn’t supposed to eat but I was so hungry, I consumed a 700 calories food. I also nearly drunk coffee but my son rescued that situation by shouting out “mummy you are not supposed to drink coffee on a detox ” lol! Clever boy, I wish he shouted out no food too. However I drank loads of water which made me really happy because I’m not a known water drinker.

So what are you supposed to do on your first day of C9?

Before starting, you must weigh yourself and take measurements of your waistline, hip, arms, calf and thighs. Just because I am Jane and I don’t always follow instructions, I only measured my waistline = 33.5 inches, Hip =38.5 inches, Arm=12inches and my thunder thigh =22 inches. My goal is to at least lose an inch of theses areas of my body with great hope that my boobs wouldn’t deflate ( pigs will fly)  I am also now 78 kg in weight and that’s way above what’s required for my height of 5ft 6. I would like to achieve an overall weight of 60 Kg.

After C9, I will also attempt the F15 intermediate follow up programme to keep blasting the fat . I shall keep you all in the loop .

Day 1.

Morning- You take 2 Forever Garcinia softgels and then wait for 30 minutes before drinking the Forever Aloe Vera gel with 240ml of water. You then take 1 thermal tablet with your free food.

Please note that free foods are only vegetables and very low calories fruits like Kiwis and you can have limited amount of these. Then there are fruits you can enjoy but at a recommended portion size. (See booklet)

Mid morning- Take 1 packet of forever Fiber with 240-300ml of water. You must take the fibre separately and not with other supplements.

Noon- Take 2 Forever Garcinia plus softgels, wait 30 minutes and then repeat the Aloe Vera gel drink as stated previously. Then have 1 scoop of Forever Lite Ultra mixed with 300ml of skimmed milk or low fat almond milk. This is basically a shake and it comes in different flavours.

Early evening- 2 Forever Garcinia plus softgels, wait 30 minutes and then have the Aloe vera gel drink with 240ml of water.

Night- Drink the Aloe Vera gel drink with 240ml of water.

Please note that although on day 1 you must do at least a 30 minutes low intensity exercise. I plan on a 45 minutes jog this evening.

You will feel tired for the first 2 days and then things starts to get better from day 3 when you are allowed a 600 calorie food. Please sure to drink at least 2.2 litres of water per day for women and 3 litres for men. Avoid salty food and if you can, eliminate salt completely because of fluid retention.

It doesn’t actually say not to drink tea,  alcohol or coffee but it says no soda or fizzy drinks. ( maybe I missed that part) I guess common sense will tell you that caffeine and alcohol is a no no during detox .

See my day one video here

Okie dokie! My lovelies, I shall see you again on day 3 because day 2 is exactly the same process as day 1.

I would like to hear from you if you’ve done C9 before. Cheers x

2 Replies to “I failed badly on the start of my C9 detox”

  1. I’m happy you are fine I always put my food in so it can be fresh and good . I wish u all the very best thumbs up dearest. Waiting for the next days


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