My Aldi Health and Fitness Haul

This week has been particularly challenging for my weight loss journey. It’s now Thursday and still no exercise. Last time I was at the gym was last Saturday and it was a great workout session. This week has been busy for me so I have struggled to find time for a proper sweaty exercise. Nonetheless, I have not completely lost all skinny hope because I have actually been doing very well in the nutrition department.

You know what they say, 80% food and 20% exercise when it comes to weight loss.

I have also started tracking my calories because I feel that once my calorific intake is managed then I’m on the right path to losing a dress size.

MyFitnessPal app

I’m sure that everyone who shops in Aldi would have noticed their efforts on health food and even exercise home equipment. I am happy about this because I don’t have to travel to a special health food shop to get the things I need.

Here are the things I got from Aldi. Aldi on Fleeeek!!!!!

I particularly like the book “Anatomy of Exercise” by Pat Manocchia. It tells you a lot about each muscle that you are working on and it also shows you a good technique of each workout.

I also bought a couple of nutrition powder sachets. I love these for that extra boost to my nutrition as I’m not currently on any vitamins. I usually add a scoop to my daily fruits and vegetable blend.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be too hard on myself because I have done really well with food intake. I aim to do some home exercises tonight and a couple of gym exercises at the weekend.

I know that I can do this because I have done it before. So I will!

Watch my weight loss playlist for some more tips. Please give the video a thumbs up and subscribe.

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